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 First Things First by Pastor Bob Smith

As I have a little more time on my hands, (though this is not always the case), I have more time to ponder.   I have Meneriers disease which gives me a strange vertigo feeling in my head and loud tinnitus most of the time. It is a real pain to walk around often feeling woozy, but compared to others, it is a minor problem to have.

One of the results of this condition is that most days I wake up early and cannot lie in bed because my head feels odd and noisy.  So like this morning, I was up at 0700 and had plenty of free time before my scheduled day started.  What do I do? Vacuum the house, do some gardening, wash the car, make phone calls?  No, because most of these activities would not work.

So as usual, I read and study the Bible.  These times are now so precious to me and shape my life more and more.  I am still learning that if I keep the main thing as the main thing, the rest of my life is surely blessed.  To delve into scripture, to learn that my love for Jesus and my Christianity requires that I respond with love, which also requires obedience is a total wow!!  Also, to read books that are edifying, from men of God is so good for the soul.  If you need a list, let me know and I will share some of my thoughts with you.

This is my blog, my activity, my walk, my life.  Please do not think I have it all sorted by any means, but this old boy will keep on going until the day my earthly life is no more.  On that same day I will meet my saviour.  Wow!!

Love and blessings to you all,

Pastor Bob, a man who is still learning about his Christianity!!

Claire Wilson, 19/05/2019